Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Food Dehydrator Review

A Quick Overview of the Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3900 Food Dehydrator Have fun and dehydrate foods with the all-new Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Non-Timer Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator!  It is perfect for families who love to eat. This innovative dehydrator allows everyone to dry their foods evenly and efficiently.

It features an original rear horizontal-airflow system, which dries foods completely and evenly on trays. This feature also allows a better dehydration process since moist is pushed out more efficiently by the warm air coming out from the rear part of the machine.

There’s also no need to rotate the trays since it features a horizontal drying process. Other features include an adjustable fan, 9 polycarbonate trays with Polyscreen inserts, deluxe non-heavy duty timer, and an adjustable thermostat with a built in on/ off switch.

So what are the benefits of using the Excalibur 3900 deluxe food dehydrator for foods?

Cheaper Price
The innovative Excalibur dehydrator sells a lot cheaper when compared to other brands. Amazon even offers the units at discounted prices with free shipping. Purchasers won’t only save money through the price, but would also save more on their grocery bills with the additional food preservation benefits of the food dehydrator.

Efficient for food dehydration
Food dehydration through the Excalibur 3900 dehydrator would allow purchasers to preserve foods effectively. The rear heat source fan design distributes air efficiently producing an evenly dehydrated food output.

Easy preparation, use, and cleaning
The machine is easy to prepare. There’s no need to boil water for hot-water baths and there’s also no need for pressure cookers. Everyone would be able to dehydrate their food by just cleaning, slicing and placing them on the machine trays.

Wait until all foods are dehydrated and the dehydration’s done. Cleaning is also very easy. Individuals just have to wash the used trays, and there’s no need to scrub the other trays not used.

Control of temperature
Temperature is very important in drying foods. The temperature control feature of Excalibur 3900 deluxe food dehydrator allows users to set their desired temperature for the dehydration process.

They could choose low heat for flowers or herbs and increase it for fruits or jerky. Foods are also evenly heated, which produce a fully dehydrated food output.

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

Great tray design
The trays have plenty of beneficial features. The trays are lined with mesh so that individuals would be able to put diced fruits, herbs, and other finely chopped foods. Trays are also sized well.

The huge size of the tray allows better space for foods. Users could also put numerous kinds of foods without the worry of cross contamination. Trays are also removable so that there’s room for adjustment for bulky sized foods.


How about the drawbacks of the Excalibur 3900 Deluxe food dehydrator?

There are fewer drawbacks since the machine is well-designed and built for the convenience of consumers. The machine is truly innovative with features that won’t be found on other dehydrator brands.

Huge sized machine
It’s hard to find space for huge sized dehydrators. Purchasers would have to adjust their kitchen to place the machine well. They would also need bigger sinks so that the huge trays would fit while they’re cleaned.

Timer not included in other models
Some models don’t have the featured timer, which is really a hassle. Purchasers would have to buy a plug-in timer to make it work better for their convenience.

Fan noise
According to some reviews, the fan of the dehydrator is really noisy. Purchasers would have to find an appropriate place for the machine so that they won’t be disturbed by the fan noise.

In Summation
Over all the Excalibur 3900 deluxe food dehydrator would still be on top of other brands and models of food dehydrators. With its unique and helpful features, there won’t be a need to buy other dehydrating machines.

Simply clean, slice, and place the food on the machine and all works are done. Users just have to wait for it to finish, and they would get the healthy and evenly dehydrated food that they want.

You can check out more customer reviews about this Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Food Dehydrator at Amazon here.

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